1.  The time to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum is now. They are the hottest and Top two in the Cryptocurrency class. 

2.  Put at least 1 to 5 thousand dollars or at least 25% percent of your Net worth money in a 1-3 year CD first and never touch it. Put the rest into a high-yield savings account and build a 6 months mandatory Emergency fund.

3.  Buy at least 1-2 gold bars and don’t touch it, if you have some savings before it goes to high look at past 20 years. Silver has gone up and down so its ok, but doesn’t increase as much as gold.

4.  Buy cheapest highest-rated Cryptocurrency that are less than $1.00 in the top 15-20 Cryptocurrency rankings for example spend around $20-100 on Dogecoin….. it’s only .15 cents and hold it. In 3-5 years come back and see Net worth.

5.  Invest in liquidation items online or at a warehouse and sell them online for immediate profit. For quicker cash flow do your research first…. look up value of things on Offer up, Facebook, Poshmark or Amazon and Ebay. Garage sales or Yard sales are best place to start then resell them cheaper. Careful of Goodwill or places for profit harder to see cash flow. Flea markets are good, but try to haggle down the cost and know the resell value before you purchase.

6.  If you pay mostly with a Debit card or Cash always save excess change in a Huge Jar or Safe for at least 6 months…keep adding every single spare change 1 or 2 years. Put a bunch of $1-5 dollar bills in a safe place too, Then cash it in at a Coinstar at store or casino. Take a mandatory Vacation. Being happy is a part of life and enjoying it 😁. Just do it without question. It can be on days off from a job or a weekend just go find a destination. Then repeat process over and over again….even for the kids. Get them into the habit of saving money and lead by example!

7.  Always, always, always Diversify!  Do not put All money in 1 place ever. What if something unexpected happens or Stock market crashes. Have a back up plan…. Actually have several of them, invest in multiple streams of cashflow revenue.  Create Baskets of different types of income sources that will keep you on top.  Only use extra money to take small risk …..do not use any your monthly bill money or credit card/Student loans to try ventures or loan centers that make percentage interest off your repayment.  There is a small risk in everything, so better to use only the money you earned in case it doesn’t work.

8. There’s no such thing as Overnight success.  Sorry, Please accept that. If you want to be Successful there is a process and mindsets you must follow. If your Lucky you could Win the lottery, everything takes time and plenty of Effort, believe this is the 💯 Truth.  Always remember fast money coming in……. is fast money going out. Don’t believe the hype, there is countless stories about Lottery winners and millionaires going broke fast within a few months and years. Let your wealth build over time it will eventually come, stay Positive thinking Always!!

9.  See what works for You first, by taking very small steps. Those Small beginnings, can lead to Huge Opportunities. Don’t just dive in head first like a swimming pool……it may be shallow water. Have a plan B backup before proceeding with plan A. Try different things to see what you enjoy doing first and give more focus in that area. Don’t listen to naysayers and/or negative comments. This includes family or friends and don’t borrow any money from them to start making cashflow. They don’t usually mix very well so try to keep family, friends, and money goals separate as possible. Try many different things, but wait until the money starts working first before Involving others.   

10.  This is important, Do not  stop working your Main income Job ever until something replaces it for at least a minimum of 6 months to 1 year.  Even if it works you may have to go back to it someday. Don’t burn your bridges, you may need to cross them again. Always be Polite and positive while continuing to learn new Strategies and Profiting. Take a few minutes to stretch everyday move around walk inside or outside for at least minimum 20-30 mins per day. Health is True wealth along with eating healthy too. Leave the Fast food to a minimum. Don’t worry about the money it will come and grow like a 🪴….  just like you will as a Person!!